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Company Profile

Wonderful Water, is a trademark established by Classic Water Filter Sales & Services (JR0033705-P)was incorporated in Muar, Johor, on November 2012


Wonderful Water core business focuses on the sales & after sales services of various type of water filtration system, which are suitable for commercial and residential application in home, office, restaurant, bank, hospital, school, college, factories.


Range Of Products & Services Provided:

* 3M Household Water System (3M 家用净水器)


* Indoor Water Purifier System (室内净水器)


* Outdoor Water Filtration System (POE) (户外滤水器)


* Hot & Cold & Warm Water Dispenser (冷、温、热直饮水机)


* Alkaline Water Ionizer (碱性离子水、氧化还原水)


* Hydrogen Water Generator (氢水系统、水素水、富氢水)


* Housing Filter (普通净水器)


* Filter & Catridge (各类滤芯)


* Spare Parts & Accessories (水机配件与附件)


* Commercial & Industrial Water Filtration System (商业用途净水器)



Our Mission:

1. We strive constantly to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices. We commit ourselves to constantly enhancing our accessibility, professionalism and depth of quality to create long-term, beneficial relationships.

2. Affordable, competitive price & various type of payment method to ensure everyone can enjoy"Clean, Safe & Healthy" water.


Our Vision:

The ultimate goal is to create better lifestyles through fulfilling the most fundamental of human needs -- "Clean, Safe & Healthy" water.




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